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META GAME CITY Token Economy consists of a main token, called ‘MECI Token’, and Game-Specific Tokens called ‘GameTokens’. MECI Tokens are the overall platform-level tokens and reflect the value of the entire Ecosystem, used in various ways as a means to value-transfer. Game tokens are used within games, and offer the capacity for games to maximize their
entertainment value and merits, contributing to enhanced competitiveness and sustainability of the ecosystem.

As all ecosystem participants-platform holders, developers, and users earn MECI Tokens as rewards for their activity, they become token holders and share the value of these tokens. This creates shared interest within the ecosystem, propelling the further advancement of the ecosystem.


We will gradually develop a variety of assets in the Troy Metaverse as we believe that Virtual Economies will be more
valuable than real-world economies over time. At the same time, we want to create value in the Virtual World for our
guild members to thrive in a Virtual Environment - the competitive gamers, the artists, and content creators that
populate the Metaverse. MECI GAME CITY is aimed at the recreated space of Troy Decentralized Autonomous
Organization(TDAO) that the Troy ultimately pursues, as the form of transferring or investing in non fungible
tokens(NFTs) used in the Troy Metaverse and Blockchain-based games. The TDAO’s goal is to create the world’s
biggest virtual world economy, optimizing its community-owned assets for maximum utility and sharing its profits with
its token holders. The vision of MECI is to optimally combines the Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs) and the Troy‘s
Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space, both bringing yield farming to game economies and adding much more value to
these virtual worlds by developing the contents and economic systems of these games.


Business model

MECI's Metaverse earning is divided into two categories, MECI Token Earning and Profits that are received in currencies of each country. This is for minimizing the impact of the Crypto-Currency Market Price. The goal of META GAME CITY is to maximize the value of NFTs used in the Virtual world and Blockchain-based games. The protocol is automated by Smart Contracts, established by agreement through DAO which is based on Governance proposals and token holders' distributed network voting.

Agency Fee

Until META GAME CITY Ecosystem establishes, all membership fees for META GAME CITY Agency will be exempted, and Registration fees will be based on MECI token and will be charged through monthly payments, but will not be charged if users’ sales are not generated. The primary income of the TDAO will come from leveraging MECI-owned NFT assets, either directly, or indirectly, via a rental program where guild members utilize the assets in exchange for a portion of the In-Game Rewards. In the case of in-game assets such as land, revenue may be generated by third party (non-guild members) conducting economic activities on that in-game land NFT Ownership of users will benefit from the rise of the In-Game asset’s economic value, as reflected in the value of its non-fungible token on the open market.

Land sales, Virtual Space Expansion (MECI)

META GAME CITY' first land is sold at a basic fixed-price in the form of auction or lottery lotting-out .

The MECI token sold goes to the company's profit.

Advertising Income (MECI, USD)

MECI Fee - If gamers trade items at META GAME CITY NFT Marketplace in MECI token, Transaction Fee(4.25%) will be generated into the Troy’s profit.

Selling Character Skins & In-game items (MECI, USD)

The "My Space" and "Commercial Space" given to all users start with the first given size, and MECI token is used to expand the space. The MECI token used to expand space becomes the profit of MECI GAME CITY


Performance Income (MECI, USD)

In the early stages of the service, META GAME CITY' Metaberse Platform makes its profit by selling various skins and battle passes, in the way of NFT In-Game item contents


Registration fee for a copyright (MECI)

Copyright can be registered to implement copyrighted designs or items on Metaverse or to prevent reproduction of newly created products through MECI GAME CITY, and Copyrights are issued in the form of NFT to permanently protect owners’ rights. NFT and copyright registration can only be paid with MECI Token


Advertising income (MECI,USD)

META GAME CITY Metaverse platform has a variety of buildings or advertising spaces which are exclusively owned by MECI GAME CITY, which gamers cannot own. And advertising is conducted at a degree that does not harm or interrupt users’ play, such as around stadiums in-game. At this time, Advertising Fees can only be paid in each country's currency.



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* Smart Contract : 0x98dE6123a56b1818fbfB48A8A7c75D2444c09946
* Decimals : 18
* symbol : MECI

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